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Injury Rehabilitation

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See the difference Balance PT makes in your injury recovery

Individualized and personal attention every time you step in

Consistent monitoring and guidance helps ensure that you're making the right progress without overworking your recovering injury, and lets you develop a patient-therapist relationship based on trust, familiarity, and results.  We promise you won't be told to "do these exercises" and have your therapist's back turned to a wall while they do his or her documentation.  We get this complaint very often about patients' past experiences at other clinics and we refuse to be a statistic.

Sometimes your time is restricted and finding space in the day can be difficult. Your time will never be wasted at Balance Physical Therapy. Get the correct number of therapy appointments each week based on your doctor's orders and expect our office to run efficiently, we pride ourselves with being on time.  

Some of the things our facility specializes in:

  • Orthopedic Injuries
  • Pre- and Post-surgical Rehabilitation
  • Balance Training
  • Further injury prevention with strengthening techniques
  • Therapeutic modalities: ultrasound, cold laser, electrical muscle stimulation, hot and cold applications, mechanical traction
  • Therapeutic techniques: joint and soft tissue mobilization, manipulation, kinesiotaping, IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)
  • Spinal Conditions and Stabilization
  • Return to prior level of function
  • KIDS!  We love our pediatric patients and have special tools just for them!  We strive to make physical therapy FEEL like fun and games even when we are working hard to achieve our goals. (We've even had kids ask to host their birthday parties at physical therapy because they love coming here so much! NOTE: We are NOT offering this service at this time but stay tuned, you never know!)

Get back to feeling your best sooner!

Call Balance Physical Therapy now to schedule your first appointment!


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